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Fyndster My cards
Search & Get 2

Search and Get Contacts

With fyndster, search friends, family, old-school mate, carpenter, guitar-tutor, you name it they are all here, and what’s best, you add their virtual contact card to your contact list and never lose contact again.

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Share Contacts like a pro

Met with someone and want to exchange contact details, just ask his/her fyndsterID and send him a card request.

outdated contact

No Outdated Contacts

Days of outdated contacts are over, so next time when you change your contact information, update it on your virtual contact card too and your friends will receive the update instantly.

easy create

Easy to Use

Now create your virtual contact card within seconds, just choose a unique fyndsterID, put some of your basic contact information and you are good to go.

local search icon

Powerful Local Search Engine

Search for local vendors, small businesses, grocery shop, plumber, milkman, electrician, guitar tutor etc. and if you like the service, directly add them to your contact list.


One Place | All Contact Info

Get complete information such as contact number, address, work, email, social media link etc. in a well organised manner, all at once.

Lost Directory

Never lose Contacts

Lost your phone, do not worry, your contacts are safe with us. Login again and you will get all your contacts and moreover you will be automatically logged out of your previous device.


Digital Footprint for everyone

From small vendors to supermarkets, from small professionals to big enterprises, fyndster provides a digital footprint to everyone, a medium by which their customers can contact them.


100% Secured

Your information is safe in our encrypted fortress also you decide who can access your card with our unique 'card request' feature. In short you always have full control of every aspect of your card.


Create once | Use everywhere

Be a smart citizen and replace those long contact detail forms simply with fyndsterID, it could be your e-commerce, banking, healthcare etc. fyndster is partnering with thousands of client across the globe.


Pre-loaded Emergency Cards

Fyndster provides preloaded emergency cards, which gets auto-updated as per your geo-location. Just tap and call for emergency help.


Free of Cost

Fyndster is 100% free for any number of cards.

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