About Us

We are a group of young minds, who are building a solution to find the Correct Contact Details with minimum Effort & Time. We all can surely agree that existing methods of contact searching, sharing and managing are way too inefficient and disorganised. Fyndster not only eradicates those problems but also provides you a complete package of additional features that would change the way you interact with your contact directory.

Meet the Team

Amarjeet Malik
Full Stack Developer


A Physics lover, Coder, Designer, Fitness Freak. Amar never gets satisfied with what he's learnt and always strive to learn more. He is an ACE of team fyndster and handles most of our development work.

Kaushal Singh
Full Stack Developer


A computer science prodigy, a silent guardian of team fyndster. Kaushal has been coding since he was 12. His profound passion for coding is tantamount to none. His work involves server side programming and search algorithms.

Mihir Mittal
Quality Analyst


An information technology graduate, keen observer and a perfection seeker. Seems it was an inevitable career choice for Mihir. He is our quality assessor and holds a final verdict on release. Loves cricket, kite flying and sleeping.

Vishal Yadav
Product Designer


A Mechanical Engineer graduate from IIT, turned Software Engineer and now a full time Product Designer. Diversity of his past work makes him, our jack of all and master of Design. Vishal devotes most of his time to UI/UX, social media content and market study.